Apps on the app store:

These are all apps I have worked on (or coded entirely), in order of release, newest first.


  • A single channel drum module for kick drums, made especially for live performance.


  • The companion app for this fun subscription and ecommerce company’s offerings

American Express Enterprise app

  • This is the main consumer-facing app for American Express.

Amazon AppStream

  • Amazon AppStream is a high performance, low latency streaming service which allows you to run GPU-intensive applications in the cloud which respond to real-time input from the streaming clients. In other words, with this you can for example stream a Steam game running on ec2 cloud to your iPad . I worked on the sample client that is included with the SDK and not this app directly, it’s quite likely that this app is using the same internals. AppStream is really pretty amazing and there is more info in the video here.  For a demo of the actual iPad client app that I coded up, see this video of the Outerra terrain generator streaming a 3d earth flyover.

Alfa Arkiv


 Kaleidoscope Image Creator





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