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Kaleidoscope Image Creator released

Kaleidoscope Image Creator 1.0 released. This app uses CAReplicatorLayer to duplicate a video stream many times with a transform applied to the backing layer of the UIView. I do this by creating a UIView that returns a ReplicatorLayer as its layerClass

// put this in a UIView, i.e. CamView.m 
+ (Class) layerClass
    return [CAReplicatorLayer class];

— then add the AVCaptureSession’s preview output to that view’s layer — assuming you have an AVCaptureSetup with a preview layer something like like described in this Apple doc. 

    [[camview layer] addSublayer:[mySessionManager previewLayer];

assuming previewlayer is a AVCaptureVIdeoPreviewLayer , which is a special subclass of CALayer made just for this sort of thing — then run the camview’s layer through the replicator to generate the kaleidoscopic picture.

CAReplicatorLayer *replicator = (CAReplicatorLayer*)camview.layer;    
replicator.instanceCount = 32;
replicate.instanceTransform = CATransform3DMakeRotation(0.2, 0, 0.0, 1.0);

And wham! That’s all it takes to make a fun and easy kaleidoscopic image with CAReplicatorLayer!


Earache 1.0 released

Earache 1.0 released, for the very low price of 0.99c. The geek colophon for this app: built using cocos2d-iphone, 1.x tree. It was a great thing to learn, great for creation of sprites and some cool eye candy transitions, like say animating the tint of a button, but if I did it all over again I would just use UIKit, as the UIVIew animation stuff is nicely built in and Apple even provides an emitter with CAEmitterLayer. Anyway check it out.


Caardvark 1.0

Caardvark 1.0 powered by dreamtype. There are more options than the few screenshots on the app store, check out some of the examples at