Monthly Archives: February 2016

A new app for drummers, EZTrigger

Here’s an app I wrote recently for drummers which allows you to use your iDevice as a single-channel drum module for your kick drum. It has 35 kick drum samples with a range of styles from rock to techno, and you use it with a standard piezo drum trigger in combination with a guitar input such as the iRig2.
Using EZTrigger allows you to augment your bass drum in the mix without having to mic the drum or set up a separate drum brain or module with all the extra cords and whatnot. There’s a separate site for eztrigger ( where I’ll be posting news, updates and support material.

So long, Parse, it was fun.



Now that Parse has shut down, and developers are looking for alternatives, here’s a quick proof of concept called Farse I wrote a while back. It’s a service clone, which leverages Objective C’s Key-Value coding and the Apache Software Foundation’s project Solr to model a schema-less, nosql database with rest api and iOS client library. (The Parse service offered quite a bit more than this, such as push messaging and server-side code execution, which Farse doesn’t address)

When I first saw Parse, Solr immediately came to mind as it provides the schema-less database and REST api out of the box. It seemed to me that one could create the client side using the “modern” objective c concept of object subscripting to create fields ‘on-the-fly’ which could be serialized to and from Solr / json.

If you’re interested in building your own Parse service clone, I present this as one way to start.

There’s a github repo with the code which includes a readme and a pdf document tutorial on how to set up solr on your local machine to try it out.