A new app for drummers, EZTrigger

Here’s an app I wrote recently for drummers which allows you to use your iDevice as a single-channel drum module for your kick drum. It has 35 kick drum samples with a range of styles from rock to techno, and you use it with a standard piezo drum trigger in combination with a guitar input such as the iRig2.
Using EZTrigger allows you to augment your bass drum in the mix without having to mic the drum or set up a separate drum brain or module with all the extra cords and whatnot. There’s a separate site for eztrigger (http://eztriggerapp.com/) where I’ll be posting news, updates and support material.

So long, Parse, it was fun.



Now that Parse has shut down, and developers are looking for alternatives, here’s a quick proof of concept called Farse I wrote a while back. It’s a service clone, which leverages Objective C’s Key-Value coding and the Apache Software Foundation’s project Solr to model a schema-less, nosql database with rest api and iOS client library. (The Parse service offered quite a bit more than this, such as push messaging and server-side code execution, which Farse doesn’t address)

When I first saw Parse, Solr immediately came to mind as it provides the schema-less database and REST api out of the box. It seemed to me that one could create the client side using the “modern” objective c concept of object subscripting to create fields ‘on-the-fly’ which could be serialized to and from Solr / json.

If you’re interested in building your own Parse service clone, I present this as one way to start.

There’s a github repo with the code which includes a readme and a pdf document tutorial on how to set up solr on your local machine to try it out.

CercaPix – ios code sample for instagram location-based search

Here is an example app showing how to use the instagram search api to retrieve photos based on user location:

iCatalog WebViewer

One of my freelance projects a while back was to make an html version of iCatalog for International Color Services. The web version takes screens from a pdf created in catalog prepress production and linkifies the products in it. For a time this was used on customer websites, and I have archive some examples here:

These are several years old, last built to work with iirc, Internet Explorer 5. Beware, the zoom feature is a bit banged up on one side, and the product links are stale, but for the most part it still works!

Shadertoy – GLSL glslsandbox.com shader runner

Update: Just released a newer version of this app which handles the migration of source site glsl.heroku.com to http://glslsandbox.com/

Here is a fork of a project I found on github that retrieves shaders from glslsandbox.com and runs them.

I hacked it a bit to make it run on ipad and  load the gallery. Fun for tinkering with fragment shaders on the iPad. Very alpha but if you are a developer and like glsl, check it out.




Sometimes I’d like to have a just a simple online color picker that gives you RGB in 0..1 format in an easy-to-copypasta for UIColors so I cobbled together this colorpicker. 

Kaleidoscope Image Creator released

Kaleidoscope Image Creator 1.0 released. This app uses CAReplicatorLayer to duplicate a video stream many times with a transform applied to the backing layer of the UIView. I do this by creating a UIView that returns a ReplicatorLayer as its layerClass

// put this in a UIView, i.e. CamView.m 
+ (Class) layerClass
    return [CAReplicatorLayer class];

— then add the AVCaptureSession’s preview output to that view’s layer — assuming you have an AVCaptureSetup with a preview layer something like like described in this Apple doc. 

    [[camview layer] addSublayer:[mySessionManager previewLayer];

assuming previewlayer is a AVCaptureVIdeoPreviewLayer , which is a special subclass of CALayer made just for this sort of thing — then run the camview’s layer through the replicator to generate the kaleidoscopic picture.

CAReplicatorLayer *replicator = (CAReplicatorLayer*)camview.layer;    
replicator.instanceCount = 32;
replicate.instanceTransform = CATransform3DMakeRotation(0.2, 0, 0.0, 1.0);

And wham! That’s all it takes to make a fun and easy kaleidoscopic image with CAReplicatorLayer!


Earache 1.0 released

Earache 1.0 released, for the very low price of 0.99c. The geek colophon for this app: built using cocos2d-iphone, 1.x tree. It was a great thing to learn, great for creation of sprites and some cool eye candy transitions, like say animating the tint of a button, but if I did it all over again I would just use UIKit, as the UIVIew animation stuff is nicely built in and Apple even provides an emitter with CAEmitterLayer. Anyway check it out.


Explode 1.0

An old classic, Explode — written for ios version 1.0.

See what people are saying:

  • “This is the dumbest stupidest most retarded dumb spastic idiotic flipen dumbest stupidest piece of junk ever.” — NicMR
  • “Exploderific!” — kenn fusion
  • “I enjoy ketchup” — travis…




Caardvark 1.0

Caardvark 1.0 powered by dreamtype. There are more options than the few screenshots on the app store, check out some of the examples at http://www.dreamtype.com/